As I've been running my homebrew games, I've found the need to create a few more feats to accommodate builds and characters that my players (or I) have been interested in.

Agile Defense

This allows a Monk to function reasonably well as a Defender-style character, without a shield (which is both awkward to become proficient in, and anti-thematic); Monks normally lack sufficient mitigation to function in that role until later in the game. This feat is carefully kept comparable to the similar Moderately Armored feat - the AC bonus is intentionally inferior to a shield and non-stackable, while the defense against grapple/shove is solid and thematic, but a bit niche.

Combat Training

This feat is intended to add a little versatility that is already available by taking one level of Fighter. I don't like the way a dipped level throws off the power curve; the game is balanced/structured around power leaps at specific levels, and a Fighter-1/Sorcerer-4 (for example) is very weak for a level 5 character. In particular, archer-style builds make the Archery fighting style effectively mandatory, forcing many interesting ranged builds to dip fighter.


While riding a friendly creature at least one size larger than yourself, gain the following benefits:

One of my players really wants to actually play the old mounted-gnome-on-a-dog character, which isn't really viable in 5e. This feat attempts to make mounted combat a straightforward proposition, and to make a character based around that concept a functional skirmisher/striker. I'm a fan of feats that allow good bonus-action-economy, and since mounted combat doesn't really rhyme with polearms, crossbows, or two-weapon fighting, it seems like a good enabler.

A few changes to existing feats

I also am irritated by pointless restrictions that I find in a few current feats. Here are a few changes: