Character Points

In all the 5e games that I've run or played in, "inspiration" has either been ignored or delegated - as a mechanic, it feels very grafted onto the system, as if they were trying to encourage better roleplay, but didn't know quite how to do it mechanically. Traits and Inspiration are clearly inspired by the Fate/Fudge "aspect" system, but are not core to the 5e game, and so are often overlooked or ignored by the DM and even the players.

I've seen a few attempts at fixing that, most interestingly (to me) AngryGM's various hacks, best described in this post: You don't have to read that though, it's kind of a wall of text; I'll summarize the core of it, and how I'm applying it.

As you can see, you'll want to pick your Interest and Ideal very carefully - if they are sufficiently counter to those of the rest of the group, you'll rarely be Inspired, or you'll be constantly battling to turn the group towards your goals. You'll all start off the first session with 6 character points, and not Inspired.