Zen Archer

Zen Archer's follow a tradition focused on dazzling feats of accuracy and speed with ranged weapons.

Bonus Proficiencies

Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, gain proficiency with shortbows and longbows - these count as Monk weapons for you.

Flurry of Arrows

Starting at 3rd level, you gain two additional Ki features:

Focus on the Flame

At 6th level, you are able to focus on your shots for when they really count. As a bonus action, you can line up your next shot; you gain advantage on your next ranged attack this turn, and may consider a 19 or 20 on the die to be a critical strike.

Additionally, you gain the ability to cast Hunter's Mark for the cost of 1 ki point.


By 11th level, you become able to step away from charging foes. When an enemy moves to a position from which it can clearly reach you with a melee attack, you may spend your reaction to move up to your speed - this movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Master of the Bow

Starting at 17th level, you gain so much control over your arrows that they can be used to interfere with your enemies actions. When an enemy in range attempts an attack or begins to cast a spell, you may spend your reaction to attempt a ranged attack against them with your bow before they act - if the attack deals any damage, then their attack has disadvantage, or they must make a concentration check to avoid losing their spell with no effect.