Circle of the Claw

Druids of the Circle of the Claw are steadfast defenders of nature. They feel that it is their duty to help humanity and nature live in harmony; rather than representing nature as a frightening beast or a mystical guide, they take arms to defend her as human figures of power, wielding the strength of nature while regretting every life taken.

Bonus Cantrip

When you choose this Circle at 2nd level, learn the Shillelagh cantrip, if you do not already know it (if you do, learn another druid cantrip of your choice). Your Shillelagh lasts indefinitely, as long as you continue to hold the weapon in your hands.

Natural Armor

Starting at 2nd level, you may perform an eight-hour ritual to imbue leather or hide armor with the blessings of the wild. Armor thus imbued has +2 AC, and you can swim while wearing it as if you were not wearing any armor.


After you reach 6th level, you may choose two of the following cantrips during your spell preparation after taking a long rest- they are available to you (as Druid spells) until the next time you make such a choice: Acid Slash, Blackfrost Blade, Shocking Strike, Greenflame Blade, Booming Blade.

Congenial Conjuration

At 10th level, you become able to conjure friendly beings rapidly - if you have them prepared, you may cast conjure animals or conjure woodland beings as a bonus action, and conjure minor elementals, conjure elemental, or conjure fey as an action by expending an additional spell slot at most one level lower than the spell. You have advantage on concentration checks to maintain spells cast in this way, and if your concentration is broken the conjured creatures depart immediately instead of becoming hostile.

Aura of the Wild

When you reach 14th level, you begin to emanate a soothing aura reaching 15 feet. Allies within the aura have advantage on saves against fear effects, and allied Beasts and Elementals within the aura have advantage on all saves.